Fellow workaholic, take back control of your life.

Finding yourself working late hours and weekends for no good reason? Realizing that you should stop but finding yourself lacking the self-control to do so? BurnoutBuddy is a macOS menu bar tool that actively blocks you from using work-related apps outside working hours to help you to overcome bad habits and improve your work-life balance. Completely free, no account required.

No "I'll just take a quick look..."

BurnoutBuddy works by keeping track of which applications are currently active in your computer. If you try to use a work app outside your working hours, the tool will immediately close it and attempt to convince you to leave your computer and relax.

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Completely private

BurnoutBuddy is completely free and local to your machine. It requires no account creation, no internet connection, and sends no information to anyone ever. The only networking feature in BurnoutBuddy is the auto-updater, which you can disable the first time you open the tool.


Here's how you can get BurnoutBuddy up and running:

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Configure Working Hours

Let BurnoutBuddy know when you're allowed to use work apps.

Fine-tune it

Check the Settings menu for special configurations that you might want.

Configure Blocklist

Select the apps that should be forbidden outside your selected working hours.

Enjoy your free time!

Sit back and let BurnoutBuddy dictate when you can or can't work!

Product Roadmap

Basic scheduling and blocking

"Vacation mode" (always block)

Replace the basic alerts with actual a conversation feature

Extend the blocking mechanism to also block websites

Add mechanisms to avoid "cheating" (like temporarily editing working hours to unlock work apps)

Add more anti-burnout-related features, such as forcing regular breaks

Support unusual working hours